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Department Performance Report

October 2023 Data

Report Overview: This report provides a holistic overview of each major department at Target. It includes information about sales, sponsored search, and organic search for each department.

  • Department Overview
  • Top-Selling Brands
  • Top Brands in Organic Search
  • Top Brands in Paid Search
  • Top Promoted Brands
  • Top-Selling Items

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WEBINAR | How to Win on Target's Digital Shelf

Join Tim Stocks, ecommerce industry expert from Analytic Index, to take a deep dive into how to win on Target's Digital Shelf.

Topics to be discussed in this webinar: 

  • A walkthrough of Target's Digital Shelf
  • How to rank higher on by understanding retail search algorithms
  • A deep dive into the magic equation for winning Target's Digital Shelf
  • How to gain access and leverage best-in-class shopper and category intelligence for


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